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Kenya is home to 10.1 million youths, which corresponds to almost 20.3 per cent of the country's population aged 15-24 years. According to the World Bank report released in 2017, Kenya tops in the East Africa region in youth unemployment at 17.3 per cent in comparison to Uganda and Tanzania, at 6 per cent. The majority of youths considered to have attained working age are either unemployed or engaged in low paid employment. Promoting youth entrepreneurship is one way of empowering young people to respond innovatively to the needs of society; this would consequently lead to the generation of more decent employment. While there are numerous challenges to self-employment, inaccessibility to financial support is the main hindrance to youth entrepreneurship. This study, therefore, analyses ways through which some financial institutions in Kenya are promoting entrepreneurship and financial inclusion among the youths and how this can be adopted across Africa for scaling youth self-employment.