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The war remnants especially landmines from the Zimbabwe Liberation struggle that ended in 1980 is killing, maiming and haunting the people and animals. With these landmines, the security of the people is at risk in seven major areas: Mukumbura, Musengezi, Mazowe, Sheba forest, Rusitu, Sango and Lusuku. Zimbabwe is said to be heavily contaminated with landmines. Though the demining missions with five different organisations have kick-started their operations, minute progress has been made. Landmines are destroying the lives of people and animals creating societies unsafe for development. Zimbabwe needs to engage in accelerated demining actions. Furthermore, she needs to correct and align her policies to security and social welfare, strengthening the economy, establishing good governance and fostering warm relations with donor partners who and may potentially support the demining campaign. Demining is possible but needs well- polished strategies and resources with Mozambique providing a clear testament to demining successes.