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The study was based on a quantitative research for all road crash injuries recorded from 2011-2016 secondary data, with number of injured persons per crash as the dependent variable. The Hurdle Negative Binomial two-way model looked at crashes with injuries=0 (Ordinary Ratio (OR)), and those with injuries >0 (Relative Ratio (RR)): crash type with vehicle to vehicle (OR=0.5), Cause of crash with driver behaviour (OR=0.1), and Time of crash with peak time (OR=0.3); Months of crashes with holiday month (RR=0.2) Day of crash with Weekend (RR =0.1) Region with Northern regions (RR= 0.3), Type of crash with vehicle by vehicle (RR =1.6), Crash cause with driver behaviour (RR= 0.2), with P< 0.001 for all variables had higher probability. Emphasis should be placed on driver behaviour and campaigns should focus more on school holiday months and weekends, due to the fact that a large number of crashes occur more on weekends and school holiday months.