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This paper aims to focus on the literature of employability skills education. The research done investigates the compelling reasons behind the need for employability skills education as a means to achieving economic development. First, the research shows us evidence that there is a gap between education and market needs. It uncovers how the phenomenon of a massive increase in enrollment rates did not actually achieve the desired outcomes in terms of economic development. Following this, the research shows us that the need for anew strategy to connect studying with reality has become pressing. Next, the research further digs into the meaning of employability, employability education, its importance, and the need for its provision. It also looks at some examples of employability education provision in the developed world and highlights the western trend to consolidate employability education through public policy and International Conventions. Finally, the research sheds light on some critiques of employability education as well as further discussion and recommendations for ways to measure and apply the concept of employability.