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This study aimed at assessing the impact of conflict on the level of availability of selected non-timber forest products around Omo forest reserve of Ogun State. Data was collected with the aid of well-structured questionnaire on one hundred and twenty marketing households using multistage sampling technique. The data was analyzed using descriptive statistics, categorization method and t-test. The data analysis targeted socio-economic characteristics, the level of availability of NTFP before/afer the conflict in the study area. It was revealed that majority (69.2%) were farmers and (75%) had experienced conflict more than 3 times. It was discovered that the selected NTFPs were available in abundance with bitter kola and kola nut recording higher levels respectively before conflict, while wild mango and walnut were NTFPs that were still available in excess after conflict. The test of difference analysis result shows that there is a significant difference in the availability level before and after conflict.