The theme for the 12th Annual Walter Rodney Symposium is Hungry Nation, Hungry World: Engendering Healthy Sustainable Food Systems.

Our goal is to provide a political and socio-economic framework to analyze and find solutions for access to adequate, nutritious, safe and culturally appropriate foods. This requires an understanding of the historical processes of underdevelopment, colonialism, globalization and land-alienation as well as patterns and systems of inequality.

There are many variables that are dependent on and/or provide a basis for the development of sustainable food systems. The Symposium seeks to address a number of these variables: economic, environmental; farming; gender equity; health; land ownership and rights; and war and conflict.

We strive to include a range of voices from various communities from across the globe - activists, students, scholars, community leaders, elected or appointed officials, community representatives, farmers, health workers, and more. Participation by Skype or similar is considered.

Deadline for submitting a proposal is November 30, 2014.
Proposals should be no longer than one (1) page.

We hope you will join us in exploring and discussing this vital topic.

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