About the Peace and Conflict Management Working Papers Series

The Peace and Conflict Management Working Papers Series is a non-refereed online publication in the field of Peace Studies and Conflict Management and Resolution. The series is offered as an outlet for papers that are in various stages of development prior to publication in refereed journals or books and, in some cases, submitted by the authors to solicit feedback from the larger academic community on their theory, argument, or interpretation. The authors hold copyright to the papers. Once published elsewhere in a refereed outlet, authors may ask the Center for Conflict Management to take down the papers from the Working Papers Series. Papers published in this series may be cited, with or without permission of the author(s), as follows:

Author. (Year). Title. Peace and Conflict Management Working Paper No. ??, pp ?-??.

Submissions should prepared in in Word or RTF format, using the APA Style, and emailed to ccm@kennesaw.edu.