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Teaching Notes for Security by Contractor: Outsourcing in Peace and Stability Operations, by Volker Franke.

This case examines the benefits and limitations of outsourcing peace and stability functions to a rapidly growing private sector and illustrates implications for civil-military cooperation in complex operations. The cases traces the history and rise of the security industry, categorizes the types of firms providing security and security support services, illustrates the reasons and motivations for individuals to seek employment as security contractors and discusses implications of the growing market for privatizing security on the U.S. military. Finally, the case explores advantages and shortcomings of outsourcing security functions and illustrates some of the dilemmas associated with “security by contract.” Among others, the case wrestles with the following questions: What is the global security industry and where did it come from? What are the roles of contractors in complex operations? What are the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing security functions? What are domestic and international policy implications?