A collection of published articles from members of the School of Art and Design at Kennesaw State University.

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Submissions from 2020


Authenticity in Theatrical Designs: What Does it Mean?, Ming Chen

Submissions from 2010


Polyphonic Dynamics as Educational Practice, Ming Chen, Ivan Pulinkala, and Karen Robinson

Submissions from 2008

Defending Ion: A Contemporary Rhapsode Replies, John S. Gentile

Submissions from 2007


The Scholar as Mystic: The Poetic Mysticism of Joseph Campbell, John S. Gentile

Submissions from 2004


Telling the Untold Tales: Memory's Caretaker, John S. Gentile

Once Upon a Time: An Introduction to the Inaugural Issue, Joseph Sobol, John S. Gentile, and Sunwolf

Submissions from 2003


A TPQ Interview: Tim Miller on Autobiographical Storytelling, John S. Gentile

Submissions from 1991


A TPQ interview: John S. Gentile Talks with Lou Burton, John S. Gentile

Submissions from 1988


Interview: Quentin Crisp, John S. Gentile


The Wyoming Chautauqua's Contesting the Constitution, John S. Gentile