Motor vehicle crash analysis is among the most insightful metrics for public safety officials, researchers, and drivers. In this article, geographical information systems (GIS) tools were used to study the spatial and temporal trends of traffic crashes and fatal crashes. The methodology involves collecting spatial crash data over time and using computer-based analysis to overlay the road data against various spatial and temporal parameters in the Atlanta metropolitan region. Results show major crash hotspots in the region, such as the cites of Marietta, Kennesaw, and College Park. Hotspots tend to form on interstate highways, while smaller state highways have fewer crashes. Interestingly, fatal crash hotspots were clustered at I-20 and below. Fatal crashes were more frequent late evening to midnight. Sunday at midnight was the most dangerous time to drive. A vast majority of crashes occur during the commuter hours. Findings in this research may help road development projects and drivers by characterizing crash hotspots, temporally and spatially.

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