This study intended to provide insight into geospatial practitioners’ and educators’ viewpoints toward the National Geospatial Technology Center of Excellence (GeoTech Center) Geospatial Competency Matrix. These viewpoints are significant since educators and business professionals use workplace competencies for curriculum development, professional certification, and defining workforce requirements. The research question sought to determine the viewpoints toward the geospatial competencies and provides the field an understanding of how practitioners perceive these competency statements. Seventy participants sorted 72 cards (with Geospatial Competency Matrix Statements) on a scale of -6 to 6 and completed two short surveys with demographic and open-ended questions. The data was evaluated using factor analysis, descriptive statistics, and a crib sheet of high, low, and distinguishing statements to provide meaning to the viewpoints. This study found seven viewpoints toward a geospatial competency matrix: Factor 1: We are Cartographers (map evaluators); Factor 2: Vector Data are our Paramount Focus; Factor 3: Analysis is the Key to Addressing Geospatial Problems; Factor 4: Using Programming to Support Analysis; Factor 5: Where in the World is the Data; Factor 6: Data Refinements are a Critical Step in Spatial Analysis, and Factor 7: We have a Love/Hate Relationship with Data

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