We arrived in Jordan late August 2019 for Kaelin’s, postdoctoral Fulbright research fellowship: an historical repeat assessment of Petra over the last century. This was not our f irst experience living abroad, having been stationed in Amman (Jordan) a few years previous for my own Fulbright, and subsequently being based in Barbados. In fact, after our first time living in Jordan, we ended up returning on multiple occasions to collaborate with an interdisciplinary team conducting research in Wadi Rum. Jordan is an amazing country with the most hospitable and genuine people we have ever encountered in our somewhat extensive travels, so the chance to live there again was exciting – especially getting to explore every nook and cranny of Petra for Kaelin’s work, as my Fulbright previous research was focused on Jordan’s Eastern Desert (see Allen, 2019). Luckily, we have complementary specialties and regularly participate in each other’s research, but this time, instead of taking the lead, I (Casey) got to be the field assistant, grip, driver, and fixer – things I am really good at and enjoy. What an adventure it would be!

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