Theatre and Performance Studies Programs

Performance Date

Spring 4-2023


Jonathan Larson



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We’ve thought a lot about what RENT means to us in 2023. This play isn’t about one thing or one theme. While the play addresses the HIV/AIDS crisis head on, the themes of RENT also directly address homelessness, poverty, and gentrification. Modern audiences know that being behind on rent isn’t far-fetched because most people live paycheck to paycheck, regardless of their level of education or rigorous work ethic. As Americans, we don’t have many opportunities to let our anger out against the structures that confine us… government, patriarchy, institutions, capitalism… the list goes on. So, instead of punching up, we punch to the side. Americans have become greatly polarized in their viewpoints and their politics. RENT reminds us how to handle these emotions and these challenges with joy, resourcefulness, and love, in every season.

Performance Season

22-23 Season