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Collective Amnesia


A wide gap exists between the phenomenon of cultural appropriation and historical claim. How do you justify when you are 12 and at that age you have been programmed by an information structure and culture that has defined every identifying feature?

The migration phenomenon, the informal market, and the constant flow between the idealization of the First World in the northern corner and the underworld in the backyard, made it possible for me one day, while walking with my grandmother in a street market in Mexico, to stumble across a cassette tape with Ice Cube’s face on it that said “Amerikkkas Most Wanted”. My understanding of English, at that time, was quite limited, but I managed to understand the imagery and vaguely grasp the sentiment of what I read on the cover, which peaked my interest.

The models of success, beauty, progress, popularity and respect in Mexico are always linked to the White/ European image and the most visible leaders in the media, political, religious, and cultural realm have never hesitated in referring to Spain as the motherland of all Mexicans, or at least the Mexicans that they protect and defend. We grew up with King Juan Carlos the First and Queen Sophia of Spain as the exemplary model of good taste for families.

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Poet, rap artist, scholar, cultural ambassador, and founder of the Quilomboarte Collective. Bocafloja has published two book projects, Imaginación (2008) and Prognosis (2014).