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The purpose for this paper is to argue that in order to successfully implement values and develop an ethically conscious or morally intelligent organizations, a two-pronged strategy must be adopted. A two-pronged strategy is an approach that seeks to imbed ethical values at both the organizational level – which, in this case includes the organization’s leadership, and empowering employees at the individual level to do what Mary Gentile (2010) describes in her book, as giving voice to values. Empowering employees to speak their minds when they know what is right is an avenue that enables employees to imbed ethical values into an organization regardless of what their status and position in the organization is. This, as will be explained in the paper, does not just mean that employees are only allowed and encouraged to speak their minds when they witness unethical, illegal and immoral behavior, it also means and assumes that there is such thing as ethical, principled and values-driven employees who want to do what is right and it is important that these principled and ethically conscious employees are equipped with the skills and the knowledge to know how to respond when confronted with the common rationalizations for unethical behavior. The paper is therefore divided into three major sections.