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Election Violence in Kenya


This paper was written to investigate the different reasons that have in the past led to election violence in Kenya. Kenya has for the past 25 years experienced violence before, during and after an election which has led to loss of lives, damage of property, loss of revenue on a personal or national level and violation of human rights on Kenyans. The paper highlights the ethical issues that can be attributed to election violence in Kenya and what can be done to change these problems. The article identified political tribalism as the main reason that has fueled election violence in Kenya, how it came about and how Kenyans have continued to exacerbate the problem through their actions not just during the election period, but also before and after the election. It offers insight on possible measures that can be done to combat election violence in Kenya and the task that those in the government, the opposition, and the ordinary Kenyan citizen would need to embark on to ensure that this phenomenon does not continue to occur in the future. This paper highlights the unprecedented events that occurred after the August 2017 elections, and it offers an insight into an issue that was unfolding at the time the paper was being written.