I used a mixed-methods research study for this experiment. I wanted to see if women perceived makeup as a type of value system that reflects on their self-confidence. Previous research has had mixed results and I wanted to do a study with a bigger sample size. I used both qualitative and quantitative methods for data collection. I used a closed-ended survey that asked twenty-three questions and used two personality scales at the end of the survey. In addition, I interviewed radio talk-show host Davi Crimmins from The Bert Show. I asked her seven open-ended questions about her personal experience of going thirty days without wearing makeup. The survey was gender specific to women where 116 participants were recruited and only ninety-four completed the survey in its entirety. Through Crimmins’ personal experience and results from the survey, I found a correlation between self-confidence and makeup. The personality scales have shown the participants to have high self-confidence. Results show that women value makeup in social and professional settings, but do not care about makeup when it comes to running errands.

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