Interim Department Chair: Dr. Gregory L. Wiles, PE

Welcome to the Department of Systems and Industrial Engineering where our many degree programs offer the knowledge and skills needed to solve problems, integrate multifunctional systems, optimize processes, and ensure high quality while simultaneously meeting cost and output goals. We offer 2 Masters, 5 Bachelor, 6 Certificate, and 6 Minor programs. Nearly every industry employs our graduates such as Shaw Industries, Toys R Us, The Home Depot, Kimberly-Clark, Walt Disney World, Ford Motor Company, Avon, UPS, Bank of America, Lockheed Martin, Siemens, and AT&T to name a few. Typical job titles include Quality Engineer, Process Engineer, Logistics Analyst, Manufacturing Engineer, Operations Manager, Planning Specialist, Product Designer, and Industrial Engineer.


The mission of the Kennesaw State University Department of Systems and Industrial Engineering is to provide, through curricula in systems engineering, quality assurance, apparel textile technology, and industrial engineering technology the means by which the university addresses its mission. Degrees offered by the Systems and Industrial Engineering Department prepare graduates for careers in quality, supply chain logistics, project management, facilities planning, production planning, process analysis, fashion design, simulation modeling, systems design, and operations management. Degrees offered are the M.S. Quality Assurance, M.S. Systems Engineering, B.S. Systems Engineering, B.S. Industrial Engineering Technology, B.A.S. Supply Chain Logistics, B.A.S. Manufacturing Operations, and a B.A.T. in Apparel Textile Technology (Fashion Design & Product Development).


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