This paper presents a sample survey of Georgia libraries’ services for those experiencing homelessness, conducted in the spring of 2020 before COVID-19 closed libraries across the country. It examines previous research on best practices to aid those experiencing homelessness and former attempts to implement these practices. From these practices and experiences the survey questions were designed. The questions are as follows: what barriers exist, if any, at these libraries that might make it difficult for those experiencing homelessness to use library services; do these libraries follow best practices standards in their services that help all patrons feel welcome using the libraries facilities; what correlation exists, if any, between a library’s services and its location; in what ways, if any, do their websites aid people experiencing homelessness and educate the public about the needs of people in their community? The findings show where Georgia public libraries excel and ways they might wish to improve, as well as offering suggestions to all public libraries. It also opens the door for more extensive studies to be conducted in the future.

Publication Date

Summer 8-1-2022