In the fall of 2005, Troy University began what would be a robust internationalization effort, in which the University Libraries have ultimately played a significant role. Many of the faculty and the staff at the main campus library were born in Troy, AL and attended college there. Several of the librarians left the town of their birth only briefly to attend the state university for their MLIS, and then quickly returned to the comfort of the town and college they had always known. When Troy University began its process toward internationalization, some viewed it as much more than a paradigm shift; but it was also viewed with apprehension. It would take time for some people to recognize that through this process of internationalization a wealth of cultural knowledge could be exchanged between the international students and the existing Troy community. Today, Troy University’s main campus has a student population that is more than 14% international with students representing over 74 nations. Activities take place throughout the year that allow for all cultures to learn from each other. Many of these endeavors are facilitated through The Confucius Institute, which now partners with Troy University. By examining the activities and steps taken by Troy University’s librarians, it is possible to demonstrate how their combined initiatives can serve as a case study for other libraries looking to internationalize.

Publication Date

Fall 10-1-2019