For librarians today, reaching and meeting the needs of students and faculty can be both challenging and rewarding. Libraries face budget cuts, rapidly evolving and diverse technology, and a continued misconception of the image of the library and its purpose. However, librarians must persevere through these and other difficulties to provide useful resources and services and to ensure students and faculty know these tools are available. Different avenues for attaining this goal are available for research in the literature; however, the focus for this annotated bibliography is the avenue of collaboration. The Association of College & Research Libraries (2011) stated that “Library personnel collaborate with faculty and others regarding ways to incorporate library collections and services into effective education experiences for students.” In the published literature, there are many examples of academic librarians collaborating with other departments of their colleges and universities. Academic librarians work together with other departments in initiatives and projects that involve helping students. The purpose of this annotated bibliography is to provide examples of academic librarians collaborating with other departments and student organizations in creating and sharing resources and services used to support students. This bibliography includes resources published from 2007 to 2017. Examples of departments working with libraries include writing centers, career services departments, teaching and learning centers, student services departments, and even collaborations with multiple departments at once or over time. This bibliography can be helpful to show the multitude of possibilities for collaboration and “outside the box” thinking concerning reaching students within the academic setting.

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