Increasingly, librarians have been engaged in discussions of the disconnect between the content covered in LIS education and the skills required to successfully navigate the first several years of work as a library professional (Andersen, 2002; Westbrock & Fabien, 2010). Mentoring has proven to be an important avenue for newly-degreed professionals to transition into the professional environment and bridge the gap between education and practice (Hallam & Newton-Smith, 2006). While examining the existing literature, a clear divide emerges between discussions of mentoring programs and mentoring relationships. This annotated bibliography seeks to bridge this disconnect by examining literature using narrative analysis as the primary methodology, which provides material covering both the programmatic and relational aspects of mentoring in the Library and Information Science profession. Library leaders and new professionals alike can benefit from this focused review of the literature as it provides an overview of both benefits and drawbacks of mentoring programs and relationships while reducing the information overload found in exploring this significant area of library and information science research.

Publication Date

Fall 10-2-2015