When library school students graduate, their primary goal frequently is to find a job; they may have a preference for a position as a public librarian, academic librarian, or school media specialist, but most important is finding gainful employment in order to put food on the table. The person responsible for hiring academic librarians must attempt to discern, based on a résumé and a relatively brief personal interview whether a candidate is capable of performing the basic tasks of being a librarian, interacting with faculty, guiding students, and performing their duties as a member of the academy. To make the process more difficult, it is remarkably common for nascent librarians to be good at one or two of these attributes. Far less common is to find an individual who is prepared to take on all of the aforementioned tasks. In the following literature review, best practices for recruiting, hiring, and retaining academic librarians will be thoroughly examined.

Publication Date

Fall 2011