The University of Tennessee Libraries, in keeping with a long-standing commitment to diversity, is launching its first minority librarian residency program. The UT program follows examples set by ALA, ACRL, ARL, and many other information organizations, which foster cultural enrichment and understanding of cultural differences. The aforementioned associations continue to provide successful residency and internship programs at various ranks of librarianship. In 1997, ARL launched the Leadership and Career Development Program (LCD Program) designed to prepare more minority leaders within academic libraries. Also in 1997, ALA started the Spectrum Scholar Initiative program to encourage and increase minority student enrollment in library science degree programs. The overwhelming success of these two programs inspired the University of Tennessee (UT) to create its first minority librarian residency program. Ohio State University, University of Buffalo, University of Iowa Libraries, University of Minnesota Libraries, and the University of California at Santa Barbara all had minority residency programs in place that proved useful in designing UT’s program.

Publication Date

Spring 2004