The following paper was presented at the 2002 SELA/South Carolina Library Association Joint Conference in Charleston, South Carolina, as part of the “New Voices” program, sponsored by the University and College Libraries Section (UCLS) of SELA. The Southeastern Librarian is pleased to reprint the paper in its entirety.

The Hugo L. Black Collection consists of an extensive book collection, various exhibits, personal correspondence, tapes and transcripts of interviews, descriptions of court decisions, office materials, biographical and bibliographical information, photographs, student papers, lecture notes, and personal memorabilia. Hugo LaFayette Black served two terms as a United States Senator, was an Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court from 1937 until 1971, and “the most distinguished graduate of the University of Alabama School of Law.” Black died in 1971 soon after stepping down from the Court. Part of the Black collection is located in a replica of Justice Black’s Alexandria, Virginia study containing its original furnishings. I began processing the collection over two years ago and am nearing completion of the print materials.

Publication Date

Fall 2003