Date of Award

Summer 5-31-2022

Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Education in Secondary Education



Committee Chair

Dr. Darren Crovitz

First Committee Member

Dr. Megan Adams

Second Committee Member

Dr. Aaron Levy


Now more than ever, in education, we are paying attention to the importance of educating the whole child. We know that our job is not only to support students academically, but also to support their social and emotional development as well. Months in isolation during the Covid-19 pandemic has also shown us the importance of community and the value in shared experiences. This narrative inquiry explores the connection between sharing personal stories within a classroom community and the relationships within that community by seeking to understand how students perceive the impact of the process of writing and sharing on themselves, on their classroom relationships, and on the classroom culture as a whole. The teacher-researcher and student-participants kept research journals during the six-week period, and all data was transcribed, coded and analyzed. This practice of writing and sharing has profoundly impacted us individually and collectively by creating the space to share our stories and to connect to each other regardless of differences.