Date of Award

Fall 11-12-2021

Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Education in Secondary Education



Committee Chair

Dr. Ann Bennett

First Committee Member

Dr. Rachel Gaines

Second Committee Member

Dr. Wendy Sanchez


Instructional coaching is becoming a key strategy for teacher improvement in many schools. Although current research on instructional coaching has shown the effectiveness of various coaching models, not all schools, particularly urban schools, are demonstrating documented success. This study analyzes the experiences and perceptions of teachers in four urban high schools in three metropolitan school districts that have varying definitions, expectations, models, and roles for instructional coaching in their schools. These urban high schools and school districts have implemented instructional coaching programs, but lack uniformity in the culture, strategy, and approach to instructional coaching. Interview and questionnaire data were collected from individual teachers and analyzed to answer the critical question: What are urban school teachers’ perceptions and experiences of the impact of instructional coaching on their self-efficacy and capacity in the classroom? The goal of this study is to further inform local school administrators and district leadership on the importance and impact of creating a strategic culture and model for instructional coaching in schools with large diverse student populations and how urban schools and districts can improve instructional coaching programs to build teacher self-efficacy and capacity.