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Download "Postcards from Bankers, Doctors and Video Store Operators" by Richard Skinner (861 KB)

Download "From Actor to Architect -- OB in the Classroom" by Janet S. Adams (233 KB)

Download "Collaborative Models for Teaching Oral and Reading Proficiency" by Rosa Bobia and Judy Holzman (235 KB)

Download "Crossing that Line: Communication and Spanish Instructors Merge Classes for an Innovative Approach to Sensitizing Classrooms Comprised of Americans to the Sounds and Rhythms of Another Language" by Lee Bollinger and Jana Sandarg (207 KB)

Download "Self-Directed Testing in a College Setting" by Jane Brannan (159 KB)

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Download "A Student-directed Class for Teachers Working with Pupils with Learning Disabilities" by Harry L. Dangel (396 KB)

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Download "Teaching Writing to the Pragmatic Business Student" by Marcia M. Harper (177 KB)

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Download "Bringing Definitions Alive in Chemistry" by Richard W. Schmude (140 KB)

Download "Interdisciplinary Teaming: A Collaborative Model for Preparing Middle Grades Teachers" by Kim Loomis, Marjorie Economopoulos, Anne Smith and Pam Cole (229 KB)

Download "Simulating International Relations: Team-Teaching Introduction to International Relations Courses" by Thomas W. Mullen (227 KB)

Download "beyond Carnegie: The Computer-Mediated Distance Learning Environment" by John E. Reid (168 KB)

Download "Spinning Webs: Integrating the World Wide Web into the Composition Classroom" by Nancy Lawson Remier (232 KB)

Download "Student and Instructor Effects on Student Academic Performance in Selected Classes at East Georgia College" by David L. Strickland and John Black (226 KB)

Download "Three in One: Collaborative Teaching at the College Level" by Kim Loomis, Anita VanBrackle and Toni Bellon (224 KB)

Download "Applications for the World Wide Web in the College Classroom" by Deborah Vess (219 KB)

Download "Of Time Travel and Faculty Development Grants: Or What I Did on My Summer Vacation" by Kay A. Reeve (373 KB)

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Full text of Volume 09, Number 02 of Reaching Through Teaching.

Date of Publication

Spring 5-1-1996


teaching, classroom philosophy, computers, technology, western world literature, teaching profession, american education, higher education


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Volume 09, Number 02