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The Austin Archives Bazaar (AAB) is a biennial, multi-institutional, community outreach event organized by the Archivists of Central Texas (ACT), an all-volunteer group of archivists in Austin, Texas. It is designed to be free, fun, and appealing to the general public, including folks who may not even know exactly what an archives is. This paper looks at the planning and execution of the 2016 Bazaar and reflects back on how it built on lessons learned in 2014 with a focus on issues of governance, fundraising, publicity, logistics, and the participating repository perspective. This case study of a creative, multi-institutional outreach event can provide valuable lessons and ideas for outreach events at the regional, city, or repository level.

Appendix 1_sponsorship_handout_2016.pdf (122 kB)
Appendix 1: Sponsorship handout

Appendix 2_sponsor_report_2016.pdf (155 kB)
Appendix 2: Sponsorship report

Appendix 3_poster.pdf (10160 kB)
Appendix 3: Event poster

Appendix 4_AAB_indoor_layout.pdf (509 kB)
Appendix 4: Inside layout



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