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The submitted video pieces provide demonstrations of two machines commonly found in video reformatting labs: the Sony AV-3650 EIAJ open reel videotape recorder (1) and the Sony SVO-5800 VHS/S-VHS recorder (2). The goal of the first video is to offer an overview of this more rudimentary tape playback system, whereas the second video focuses specifically on the movement of tape through the more sophisticated transport on a VHS machine.

These concise pieces offer basic but useful information about the components that make video recording and playback possible with these machines, and may serve as primers for anyone working with legacy AV materials or AV preservation technicians-in-training.


Michael Angeletti is the moving image digitization specialist at the Stanford Media Preservation Lab. After spending nearly a decade working in video post-production boutiques in New York City, he began his career in audiovisual media preservation at VidiPax. He left New York City in 2010 to join the Stanford Media Preservation Lab, where he works to preserve and provide access to the media collections at the Stanford University Libraries. Michael holds a BA in Film & Media Studies from the University of Kansas. He lives in Palo Alto.

01_Sony_AV-3650_EIAJ-1_VTR_Playback (1).mov (164867 kB)
Sony AV-3650 EIAJ-1 VTR Playback

02_Sony_SVO-5800_Tape_Path (1).mov (497102 kB)
VHS Tape Travels

angeletti_transcript1.pdf (55 kB)
Video Tape Recorder Transcript

angeletti_transcript2.pdf (95 kB)
VHS Tape Travels Transcript