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This article examines archival methods for digitizing film assets and potential miscommunications of expectations when using third-party digitization vendors. In the course of outlining our department’s archival practices as they relate to film scanning, we provide a schema for communicating expectations with labs, ensuring the efforts of the lab best conform to an individual’s/institution’s expectations. By better understanding the process and the decisions that need to be made at each step, archivists will have surer footing in conversations with digitization labs and a better understanding of the cost-benefit trade-offs for certain services.

colorCorrection-h264.mp4 (10082 kB)
Color Correction

overscan.mp4 (98329 kB)

frame-rate-conversion-2.mp4 (34310 kB)
Frame Rate Conversion

pixel-blend-detail.mp4 (640 kB)
Pixel Blend

frame-rate-conversion.mp4 (61956 kB)
Frame Rate Conversion 2



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