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Special Collections in Performing Arts (SCPA) at University of Maryland Libraries collects performing arts materials that preserve performance practice, instruction, and scholarship, including the full scope of audiovisual (AV) formats. The Liz Lerman Dance Exchange Archives at SCPA contains, among common print archival materials, a significant number of AV materials. This collection is examplar of the numerous challenges facing AV digitization and preservation projects in university libraries and archives, including determining metadata standards and best practices, describing at the appropriate level, handling technical and personnel issues, and working with vendors. In this article we outline the decisions made for this project, our ultimate workflow, lessons learned, and future plans.

Lerman Video 1.mp4 (152165 kB)
Overview of Liz Lerman Dance Exchange Archives and the company

Lerman Video 2.mp4 (73842 kB)
Liz Lerman Dance Exchange Archives acquisition history and predominant formats

Lerman Video 3.mp4 (121168 kB)
Digitization workflows and vendor technical specifications

Lerman Video 4.mp4 (65735 kB)
Liz Lerman Dance Exchange collection description and metadata

Lerman Video 5.mp4 (71494 kB)
Examples of inherent issues and issues caused by degradation in videotape



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