Publication Date

January 2010


As anybody who has moved from one house or apartment to another knows, moving is hard work. It requires physical strength, to be sure, but it also demands mental strength since any move will cause a mixture of excitement, frustration and anxiety. The most crucial step to minimize mental stress is planning, which should be started as far in advance as possible. Because every move offers its own challenges, communication, coordination and flexibility are also essential. The same principles apply to moving an academic library‘s special collections. The focus of this article is on the preparation and execution of a move. In it, we highlight the level of attention to detail entailed, which in turn necessitates an amazing amount of planning. And even then, contingencies arise. We share experiences that demonstrate the likelihood of obstacles along the way, problems to be resolved and the potential scope of post-move recovery projects. A successful move will ensure that the collections are undamaged by either the move or their new surroundings and that they are available to researchers as soon as possible. While the goal is straightforward, the reality can be a challenge for any special collections center.



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