Publication Date

January 1984


The current century replete with a vast plethora of technology and consumer paraphernalia has witnessed the creation of the multimedia collection. The records of a person, family or organization are no longer restricted to the traditional correspondence, diaries, financial ledgers, deeds of ownership, and certificates of birth, marriage, and death but include items of a more contemporary format such as audio and video tapes, films, photographs, sound recordings, and possibly anything else that has been invented in the last fifty years. This situation has become more pronounced with materials deliberately assembled by a collector specializing in a particular subject area. Consequently, those responsible for the processing of multimedia collections are confronted with new problems and challenges. Discussion of the manner in which the staff of the Mississippi Valley Collection (MVC) processed the Dyer Marion "Ichabod" Reynolds Circus Collection should provide some degree of assistance to those who might someday face a similar task.



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