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#parlezvousfemme is a one-woman show set in 2018 that reimagines the lives of several infamous French women. Each character approaches modern life differently based on her given circumstances and reveals several universal truths about being a woman in today’s society. The famous military leader Joan of Arc is a 19-year-old youtuber criticizing the far-right for using her as their symbol, while revolutionary Olympe de Gouges is a modern-day women’s rights activist. Marie Antoinette is a housewife being interviewed by Vogue and scientist Marie Curie hosts a PBS telethon and addresses the lack of women in science. Designer Coco Chanel is still running her fashion empire and philosopher Simone de Beauvoir is a Broadway style diva lamenting on her omission from the show. Although Simone de Beauvoir does not have a full monologue, she closes out the show by bringing all of the ideas and personalities from the other women together and ending the show on a hopeful note. The show ties together multiple places and time periods in a humorous way and reveals that our differences bring us together.