Date of Completion

Fall 2019

Project Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in Nursing - Nursing Administration and Health Policy



Committee Chair/First Advisor

M. Lisa Hedenstrom, PhD, RN, MBA, NEA-BC

Committee Member

Nancy Ballard, PhD, RN, NEA-BC



Purpose: On-call shifts are used for unpredictable hours in addition to regular shifts at many hospitals. The purpose of this study is to explore the factors related to nurse fatigue in nurses who work on-call shifts, as well as identifying the consequences of call-shift related fatigue on these nurses.

Design: A descriptive qualitative design will be used.

Methods: A qualitative self-report technique will be used in this study known as semi-structured interviews. These interviews will be of a small sample size to allow time and opportunity for intimate and extensive interactions with the study participants.

Data Analysis: A selective approach, in which statements and phrases relevant and essential to the study will be highlighted, will be used to interpret narrative data in this study.

Potential Clinical Relevance: This study can be beneficial to nursing by bridging the gap within nurse fatigue literature and providing more literature specific to nurses whom work on-call. Hopefully, this study will provide information to nurses, nurse leaders and administrators to aide in effectively addressing on-call shift related nurse fatigue. With more information, the nursing community can mutually agree on goals to minimize, resolve, or eliminate the issue completely.

Keywords: on-call fatigue, on-call shift, nurse fatigue, call shift fatigue, call hours fatigue

Included in

Nursing Commons