Date of Completion

Fall 11-18-2023

Project Type

Integrative Review

Degree Name

Family Nurse Practitioner



Committee Chair/First Advisor

Nancy Ballard

Committee Member

Nancy Ballard



Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis (HT) is the leading cause of primary hypothyroidism in the United States. In HT, there is an infiltration by lymphocytes which leads to the production of autoantibodies against the thyroid gland. Throughout this integrative review, the aim was to evaluate the effectiveness of micronutrient supplementation and dietary management as adjunct treatments in HT. The purpose was to assist primary care providers in the development of a more holistic plan of care. Literature published within the past seven years was gathered and reviewed from PubMed, CINAHL, and Cochrane Library. Findings indicate that many patients with HT may benefit from the correction of vitamin deficiencies and inclusion of nutrient dense foods to combat the inflammatory component of HT. Although the inclusion of lifestyle modifications yield positive results, the findings support the need for more research on nonpharmacological adjuncts to holistically support thyroid function.


This Integrative Review was written by Alison Hultquist and Evan Thompson. Kennesaw State University, MSN-FNP, Class of 2023.