Bailey School of Music Concert Programs

Performance Date

Spring 2-15-2020


(in order of appearance)

Wind Ensemble, Women's Choir, Jazz Combo I, Percussion Ensemble, Summit Piano Trio, Trumpet Ensemble, Chamber Singers, Symphony Orchestra


David Kehler, Wind Ensemble

Alison Mann, Women's Choir

Leslie J. Blackwell, Chamber Singers

Nathaniel F. Parker, Symphony Orchestra



Download Full Program (20.3 MB)


An exciting highlight each season, Collage is the signature production of the School of Music and a major fundraising event for supporting scholarships for music students. This special performance features over 200 student and faculty performers and includes jazz, orchestra, choir, band, percussion, and opera selections for soloists, chamber groups, and ensembles. Special lighting effects and stage design combine with the diverse and exciting program presented as rapid-fire, flowing vignettes to create a truly unique performance.

Performance Season

19-20 Season

2020 Collage Concert