The Master of Science (M.S.) in Architecture is a nonprofessional academic, degree program that offers the opportunity for advanced study and research in specialized subfields of architecture. The program is intended to accompany and enhance degrees related to the built environment and provide a basis for diverse career paths including practice, research, teaching, consulting and entry into a Ph.D. level program.

The ideal student candidate is a critical thinker who is intensely curious about the built environment, is committed to positive change, ecologically sensitive design and who is not afraid to the take risks and to push the design envelope. While a prior degree in Architecture is not required, applicants must demonstrate relevant background and experience, as well as capabilities for undertaking advanced academic study. All students are required to submit a portfolio demonstrating graphic competency and design thinking skills.

The program is 36 credits taken over three semesters (Fall, Spring, Fall). The M.S. Architecture program provides graduates with the knowledge and leadership skills necessary for a successful career in two concentrations: Technology of Architecture and Urbanism.

All students entering the program take a common core composed of two seminar courses, each designed to enhance research and critical thinking skills. Students also take a set of courses specific to their concentration that includes either a research or design thesis.

  • Urban Design: This curriculum covers a wide range of principles including; urban design theory and planning, spatial analysis, ecological strategies, social ecologies and community and urban practice and strategies.
    Technology of Architecture
  • Sustainable Design: This curriculum covers a wide range of principles including; global sustainable design strategies, green design concepts and rating systems, energy and environmental quality, materials and assemblies and building performance analytics.

This collection was started with the graduates of the Fall 2015 semester, after the consolidation between Kennesaw State University and Southern Polytechnic State University was final (July 2015).

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