Date of Award

Spring 4-23-2018

Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Arts in Professional Writing (MAPW)



Committee Chair/First Advisor

Dr. Laura McGrath


Dr. Laura Howard


This is the biography of Dr. Joseph Mbelolo Ya Mpiku, a Congolese man who has lived in three different countries, on three different continents, immersed in three different cultures. His life experiences enriched his knowledge of other cultures, and his own culture kept him grounded in his identity.

His story can be relatable to people from various cultures across generations, as culture is a key element of the way an individual sees and defines himself. A culture doesn't just benefit those from where it originated; it can be shared to enrich the human experience, not just in the differences, but also in the many things different people have in common. Culture can then be the catalyst to have meaningful connections with others from different origins, and that's Joseph Mbelolo Ya Mpiku's story.