International Conflict Management

Elisabeth Shields, Kennesaw State University


Wecome to the PhD program in International Conflict Management.

The Graduate Library exists to ensure that students have the research materials they need and the skills to find and use those materials. I am Elisabeth Shields, Librarian for Graduate Studies in Humanities & Social Sciences. I'm available to work with you as you develop as scholars in this field; having earned a PhD in International Relations, I've been through the same process.

Please call on me so that I can show you how to access the materials we make available for you. I can also help you manage your scholarly work process - once you start finding books are articles to work with, you need to organize them, re-find them, make notes on them, synthesize ideas about them, and create new knowledge, and there are tools that can make this easier.

You wish use to acquire new materials for you, and that is also something to raise with me.

Don't hesitate to get in touch.

Elisabeth Shields, PhD, MLS
Librarian for Graduate Studies in Humanities & Social Sciences