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Twenty years ago, Fortune 500 companies in the U.S. hired over seventy percent of college graduates. Today, Fortune 500 companies hire less than seven percent of college graduates and the entrepreneurial enterprises hire over 80 percent. More than forty percent of students start a business within one year of graduation. These businesses employ 55% of the total American work force. When we think of the entrepreneur, we often visualize the small business. While most, if not all, business ideas begin "small," a great deal of focus in placed upon entrepreneurial ideas that have grown into sizable corporations. In examining the entrepreneur we should not get entwined in the small vs. large argument, but rather focus on the individual that made his or her dream come true. The individual who is able, through painstaking effort, to transform a simple idea into a moneymaking, successful venture is the real, classical entrepreneur. This book combines the best of theory with practice providing a clear and direct roadmap for your students as they explore the road to entrepreneurship.



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Business Administration, Management, and Operations | Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operations

Entrepreneurship: Venture Initiation, Management, and Development