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In Don Russ's collection of poetry, Dream Driving, life is a journey. It has dream-like stages, apparitions, visions, and revelations. The journey itself is in some ways a dream, a sleep-wandering among the labyrinths of the mind, of the imagined world, of even the "real" world. What can we finally know for sure? Do we not at least partly create what we see in the act of seeing it?

Section I includes the poems:

  • Here
  • In the Driveway
  • At the End of the Woods
  • Fauns
  • Metamorphosis
  • Easter Biddies
  • Walk on Water
  • A Little Visit
  • The Bachelor Tells a Family Story
  • Pokeweed
  • Healing
  • Bible School
  • Lovers Lane
  • The Missing Chum
  • Men
  • Mummy of Child or Dwarf, With Mask

Section II includes the poems:

  • Gothic
  • Night Vision
  • After the News
  • Morning Call
  • Many Mansions
  • White on White
  • Room Inside
  • Accommodation
  • Wife at Window
  • The New Homeowners, Gardening
  • Sleeping Alone
  • In the Dark
  • Vermeer Interior
  • Caddie's Assistant
  • Someone Else's Son
  • The Children
  • Woman
  • Body Beast
  • Angels

Section III includes the poems:

  • Jacob, Dying in Egypt
  • Newspaper Rock
  • The Victim
  • Cemetery Behind McCollum Airport
  • New Earth
  • Ending in Greenwich Village
  • Sanctuary
  • Apparition
  • The Gathering
  • Winged Victory
  • Plato of the Morning Glories
  • The Rapture
  • Now
  • Mississippi Morning
  • Inventing December
  • Eurydice Returns
  • In the Cafeteria Line
  • Annunciation
  • Happy Ending
  • Love Life



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Dream Driving

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