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Download "The Gift of Time" by Deborah Kramb, Carol Harrell, George Seaman and Dede Yow (69 KB)

Download "The Balancing Act: A Play on Managing Our Lives" by Deborah Kramb (136 KB)

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Download "'Seeing' Community: Visual Culture in College Composition" by Sarah Robbins and Linda Stewart (206 KB)

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Download "Writing Groups Revised: Coaches, Community and Craft in a Summer Institute" by Andy Smith (175 KB)

Download "Reading Across Writing Groups" by Linda Stewart, Renee Kaplan and Deborah Kramb (106 KB)

Download "Writing With Our Eyes Open: A Collaborative Response to Teachers' Writing Groups" by Zsa Boykin, Toby Emert, Sandra Grant and Scott Smoot (100 KB)

Download "Setting Teachers' Writing Groups in Context" by Sarah Robbins, George Seaman, Dede Yow and Kathleen Yancey (176 KB)

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How can teachers in whatever setting they work effectively facilitate their own professional development through collaborative writing and reflection? Teachers Writing Groups addresses this question by focusing on a community of educators that uses social writing as a vehicle for learning. This book delves into questions about writing, reflection, and professional development as an interactive social process.



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Kennesaw State University Press


Kennesaw, GA


writing, teachers, revision, community


Arts and Humanities | Creative Writing | Technical and Professional Writing

Teachers' Writing Groups: Collaborative Inquiry and Reflection for Professional Growth