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Dr. April Johnson

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December 2017


As a body intended to accurately represent the people of the United States, the U.S. Senate is not a very diverse group. However, it is the people themselves who vote their representatives into office. In seeking to find what qualities American voters look for in a senator, senatorial longevity is an excellent gauge. Through the analysis of previous studies and literature and the gathering of original data on the senatorial longevity of the 115th Congress, independent variables such as sex, education, and children can be analyzed to determine the demographic makeup of the successful American senator; thereby also analyzing the considerations of the American voter and how to appeal to him or her. This research has determined that the only variable of statistical significance with regard to senatorial longevity is sex. Sex was determined to correlate negatively with senatorial longevity, thus implying that movements such as third wave feminism have yet to penetrate the modern political atmosphere.