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The many Sicilians who emigrated from their homeland to the United States in search of a better life have a unique history, whose presence can still be seen today in cities across the United States. The history of Sicilian immigration to Monterey, California is especially fascinating; not only did these Sicilians help create the historic “Cannery Row,” the most famous street in Monterey, but also they were able to successfully bring their traditions, culture, and dialect with them. In Monterey, the Sicilian immigrants recreated the most important religious holidays and by forming a tight-knit community, they ensured that their homeland traditions would not disappear among the future generations in Monterey. Although the first Sicilian immigrants arrived on the Monterey Peninsula over one hundred years ago, their traditions, values, and most importantly, their unique dialect, are still present today in Monterey, thanks to the many generations of Sicilians who have maintained their connection with Sicily.