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The works of Excilia Saldaña focus on the idea of cultural memory in her life and also in the lives of other Afro-Cuban women. The idea of cultural memory can be explained as a group of people with a shared history and a shared cultural identification. . To express her ideas about cultural memory, Saldaña uses works that are based in history. In her works La Noche, Mi Nombre y Monologo de la esposa the reader can understand the World of Afro-Cuban women and how the world changes them. The works Excilia Saldaña are autobiographical and because of this she i sable to provoke real feelings about the history of the black women and the Afro-Cuban culture. Saldaña focuses on the idea of cultural memory with the definition of her self-identity in relation to national history, the mystical, the personal and the family with a foundation in the relationships between grandmothers and her grandchildren. In all of her works the reader is able to experience the life of the black women in Cuba because Saldaña uses the concept of cultural memory in order to express her past, the good and the bad.