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The following essay was written in response to the events that transpired in August 2008 between the Georgian and Russian governments. After a long history of tension between the two governments concerning the two separatist provinces, Abkhazia and South Ossetia, open conflict erupted causing great pressure on international leaders to find a solution. President Nicholas Sarkozy is under particular scrutiny due to France’s possession of the European Union presidency. In the aftermath of the conflict this essay examines three main concerns in continuing to work with the two governments: energy, economy, and power politics. The dependency of Georgia and Russia has caused a long standing idea of Russian power over the region. Current assessments show that this power Russia holds is important worldwide in the international scene, and leaders are evaluating how to ensure Russian power does not become too strong. Through the history of the relationship between Russia and Georgia and the current actions of international leaders a path for further action is presented.