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The Journal of Public and Professional Sociology is the official journal of the Georgia Sociological Association. JPPS publishes refereed works of research and theory focusing on both public and professional sociology.

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Call for Papers

"Ripped from the Headlines: Analyzing the Social Implications of the News"

Society moves. We are always confronted with the unexpected. As it happens, sociology is uniquely situated to analyze these incidents. Whether they take place in politics, crime, race relations, education, or the family, sociologists can shed light on why things are happening as they are. Moreover, sociologists can often predict what is likely to transpire in the future. The Journal of Public and Professional Sociology will therefore be putting together a Special Issue dedicated to current events. Entitled "Ripped from the Headlines: Analyzing the Social Implications of the News," it welcomes articles focused on episodes of social interest. These can discuss research, theory, or any combination thereof. They can also be reviews of the literature or ethnographic accounts. What counts is that they utilize sociological insights to provide social perspective. Inquiries can be forwarded to ltreiber@kennesaw.edu or mfein@kennesaw.edu. Finished pieces should be submitted through the "Submit Article" link in the sidebar of this page.

The closing submission date is June 30th, 2018.

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Current Issue: Volume 10, Issue 2 (2018)

Refereed Articles


A Relevant Pedagogy: Outcomes from a High School Sociology Research Practicum
Emily Ruehs, Regina Pessagno, Rachel Lovis, William Scarborough, Michael De Anda Muniz, Maximilian Cuddy, Jesse Holzman, and Dennis Kass


Assailants or Saints?: Racial, Ethnic, and Gender Depictions on a Social Media Based City News Website
Thomas R. Hochschild Jr., Lorna Alvarez-Rivera, Rikki Hightower, Alison Zeaser, Taylor Prain, and Ra'Shone Lewis