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January 2013


The global economy offers opportunities for businesses to integrate business units and processes into seamless value-creating engines that can bring their global strength and capabilities to bear within each local market. The purpose of this paper is to suggest that proactive corporate social responsibility (CSR) by Western multinational enterprises op-erating in developing countries, such as those in Africa, not only serves to soften the Ja-nus-face of globalization but enhances their long-term economic interests as well. The paper posits that CSR provides a framework for a thoughtful modus operandi that wins the trust of local customers, employees, business partners, and the communities in which Western MNEs have a presence, and thus makes good business sense. The paper high-lights the main CSR practices of the Coca-Cola Company in Ghana and suggests that it could serve as a model for other Western direct investors in Ghana and other developing countries.

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